Our Commitment to You:

We at SMITH-CO will handle your project in a professional manner.  We are professionals.  Our standards of service are as important to us as they are to you.  Our goal is exceed the expectations set for us.   This is what brings us our business.  Smith-Co is based in Long Beach, we live in Long Beach, and very fortunately, the majority of our business is conducted in Long Beach and its surrounding areas.

In addition, we would like to add that we have lost jobs due to our upfront honesty; we want to give you actual construction costs figures in your bid. We do not want to have numerous change orders to compensate for inadequate calculations made at the bidding phase.  We do not calculate on a square foot pricing. We take the time to bid each trade individually; including each and every detail possible.  


We thank you for your consideration of Smith-Co Construction, Inc. for your upcoming project.